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Montreal Burger Report Episode 31: Next Door Pub & Grill, Copoli 2, Copoli 1

Episode 31 of the Montreal Burger Report.

In this episode our heroes, Ed Hawco (also known as Blork) and Chris 'Zeke' Hand start the evening at the Westmount Adjacent bar called the Pub Next Door. While they are there they discuss getting shot at bars, white label beers, and the possibility of eating two Copoli burgers.

The Pub Next Door is located at 5175A Sherbrooke Street West the phone number is 514-481-9875 and they're open seven days a week until 3 in the morning or so.

Copoli Two is located at 4458 Sainte-Catherine West in Westmount at the corner of Metcalfe. Their phone number is 514-989-8580 and they too are open seven days a week from 11 in the morning to 11 at night (weekends later, Sunday earlier).

Copoli One is located at 5181 De Maisonneuve West, their phone number is 514-483-0000 and they are also open seven days a week from 11 in the morning to about 11 at night (weekends later, Sunday earlier)

The Montreal Burger Report is a radio show / podcast / blog / something or other where upon Blork and Zeke go out have a couple of burgers, some beer and in very generalized terms try to inform you about the good burgers in Montreal, the great burgers in Montreal, the best burgers in Montreal and everything else related to burgers in Montreal.


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